Are Fire Sprinkler Systems Good For Homes?

It is not uncommon to find fire sprinkler systems in schools, businesses, and other public places. After all, each of these buildings has management who are concerned about protecting the people and investments which the buildings represent. History has proven the need for these fire protection systems. What is not found quite as often is the presence of the sprinkler systems in private homes.

It seems almost absurd that the same steps taken to protect businesses and recreational venues would not be put into use in private homes. Yet this is the case more often than not. Homeowners realize the importance of protecting their homes and families from fire. Most homes are outfitted with smoke detectors and alarms. While these provide the family with a warning of danger, they do not actually stop the growth of a fire.

What is the obvious solution? One clear answer comes in the form of fire sprinkler systems. These systems can quickly extinguish fires, save lives, and protect families against losses in property damage.

Too many homeowners have foregone this source of safety because of some popular misconceptions. With access to accurate information, perhaps more homeowners will consider the installation of the sprinkler system in their current or new home.

One misconception is simply that these systems are not available for homes. The opposite is true. The systems are available and are very effective.

Another concern is that the sprinkler systems would be too expensive to install. However, the systems are affordable, especially when compared to the potential for loss without them, and as more homeowners become aware of the systems, the costs may come down even further.

Many homeowners are concerned about installing the systems in an already completed home, often worrying about the aesthetic effects of installing the fire protection. The truth is that some systems can be installed with minimal construction. The actual size of the sprinklers for residential purposes is smaller than that of commercial systems, so that homeowners can be confident that their home d├ęcor is not interrupted.

The amount of water used by residential sprinkler systems is also less that for those of commercial sprinkler systems.

Finally, many homeowners are concerned that fire sprinkler systems will create water damage in place of fire damage. Once again, the opposite is true. Each sprinkler head is set to activate individually, so only the area affected by fire will be affected by the water. This means that the only area of the home to be affected by the water of the sprinkler is the area that was already at risk of fire damage.

The sprinkler system prevents the spread of fire damage, saving lives, and keeping homes and families safe.

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