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Month: January 2014

Tall Glass Vase: Excellent Decorative Item

Glass is a substance of great durability and malleability, allowing artisans to exert their creativity on its unique structure. Glass materials gave way to the existence of tall glass vase that is now gaining popularity. These tall vases can certainly create a big change in the decorations of your room rendering a unique breath of life. The clear and unique designs displayed by these glass vases can uplift the ambiance of a particular space especially if graced with fresh and colourful flowers.


A tall glass vase can also make a distinct style statement especially if this is placed in the most ideal location. This vase is perhaps one of the most interesting glass vases to decorate. Since glasses are transparent, all you have to do is to think for something unique, artistic and attractive to put inside the vases. Aside from flowers, tall glass vase can also be placed with other ornamental elements to get the result that you truly desire.

These particular types of vases are also excellent decorative items for bathrooms. If individuals got larger glass vases, they can use these for holding bathroom accessories like soap and cotton balls. There are even instances that some individuals use tall glass vases as containers for essential oils and bath oils. In some cases, tall and narrow vases are also used to hold lengthy items such as razors, toothbrushes and toilet papers.

For a romantic ambiance, individuals can use these vases in holding scented and floating candles. Just fill the vases with water and allow the candles to float along with flower petals. You can also base this idea on the season and occasion. If you are a fish lover, you can take the option of turning the vase in a wonderful fish habitat. You can fill the glass vase with marbles and colourful stones in place this in the bathroom or living room. These vases can make up great decorations. If you are in search for desirable gift item, this vase is also a brilliant choice.

You really do not have to spend much when you decorate these vases. Even simple ornamental elements like feathers twigs, ferns and more can work as interesting and unique accompaniment. To make a room more happy and vibrant, you can fill tall glass vases with colourful water.

To save your time and effort when decorating and filling these vases, make sure to prepare all things and materials that you will need. With fewer amounts of money and effort, you can use these vases in making better transformation of your home. For better results, you can make use of your own ideas, imaginations and expressions during the process of decorating the tall glass vase.

The good thing about tall glass vases is that they can be used regardless of the type of occasion. By filling these items with the compatible and desirable items, you can certainly come up with a pleasing decorative item that can make your space or room ultimately inviting. These vases are truly must-have items for your home’s ultimate elegance.

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DVD Shelves – Build Them

There are many beautiful and outstanding DVD shelves for purchase, but why not build one by yourself? Not only will you save money, but you will make a DVD shelf that suits you perfectly. Along with that, you can test your handyman skills and showoff to your family and friends.

First thing you need to to is to figure out how many DVDs you want to store on your DVD shelf or even DVD shelves, if you have plenty of them. Besides that, you can store CDs and even some good old VHS cassettes on the same shelf. And take into account that you will buy new movies, games and programs so you will need more space. If you can’t guess how much space you need, then be prepared to have not one, but two or more DVD shelves in the future.

build dvd shelves

It’s all about planing. After you decided on the number of DVDs, you can know how much space you will need. One DVD is 1/2 inch thick, so you will need a 40 inch wide shelves for 80 DVDs. You can go for a 80 inch in high so you will have enough room for 640 DVDs plus some extra room.

Choosing a wood for your DVD shelves is a matter of taste. We will leave that to you, but lets just mention that for a shelf with 40 inch by 80 inch you will need to spend around $30 for boards. You’ll need to spend some more for a plywood that goes on the back of your shelf. The rest of expendable material is: small tacking nails for your plywood, sand paper and 36 wood screws. You’ll need a screwdriver or a drill, along with the hammer. Now you’re ready to go.

If you don’t have a good saw to cut your boards, you can take them to lumber suppliers that will cut them for you. Then you’ll need to sand them a bit to be sure your boards will fit well and look pretty. That’s the only way you can brag about your new DVD shelves, right?

Mark the board for drilling and make sure you check all the marking before you actually start drilling. It’s important to do that, because everybody can make a small mistake that can cost them later. You don’t want you DVD shelf to be drilled with holes, right? After you’ve positioned two 80 inch boards, line them up with six 40 inch boards in between them. You will need about 9 inches of distance between the shelves. Now comes the drilling time.

After the drilling, make sure you attach the boards with two screws properly. Once the frame of your new DVD shelf finished, you can attach the plywood. Use nails and hammer to secure plywood to the right place.

Now you have your first DVD shelf. Of course, you need to paint it and we will leave that choice to you. Make sure you remember which paint you use on your first one, because you may need more then one. You don’t want your DVD shelves to have different color, right?

This will take you one day to complete, along with purchasing materials and leaving paint to dry. Do not miss a chance to do this if you’re thinking about it, it’s an experience worth having. Who knows, if you enjoy it much, you can even manufacture DVD shelves.

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Trusting Roof Leak Repairs To A Professional

Everyone is tempted to try their hand at repairing something themselves. This can be a spectacularly bad idea. Often, you can cause more damage than good. This can be doubly true when working on a roof. Especially when dealing with roof leak repair work, it is a very good idea to contact a professional to have to work done for you.

They Know What They Are Doing

While you may be confident in your ability to figure out how to fix a problem while you go, there is an easier way. Trusting a professional to handle any specialized work in which you have no expertise is the best choice for you. A professional roofer will know exactly how to fix any problem you may be having. They will be able to fix the damage correctly and quickly. Trying to fix something on your own opens a whole can of worms, where the damage can be actually increased by your attempted repairs. The last thing you want is to have to pay more to have your ‘repairs’ repaired. This is an embarrassing mistake that is easily avoided by simply contacting a professional in the first place.

Don’t Injure Yourself

Working on a roof always allows for the possibility of falls. If you are not experienced in working on a roof, it is significantly easier to lose your footing and fall off, causing you terrible injuries. There is also the possibility of smaller injuries, like slips, cuts and bruises. Repairing a leak can also be tough on your knees, back, and hands. The safest option is to have a professional roofer take care of your roof leak repair. They are extremely experienced in working on roofs, so they are less likely to fall or injure themselves in any way.

Trusting a professional to handle any roof leak repair work you may need is the best possible option. Having a professional work on your roof saves you time, money, and personal injury. It is really the safest option all around.

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