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Month: October 2014

Tips For Ergonomic Computer Workstations

Improper desk set up which strains your back & wrists, may lead to repetitive stress-injuries, poor posture, headaches and neck pain. An ergonomic workstation will allow you to be more comfortable when working for prolonged hours at your home or office computer. As a matter of fact, proper desk set up will increase your productivity since you’ll feel less stiff & achy, thus allowing you to easily focus on the tasks at hand. Keeping your workstation-ergonomically correct will prevent tension build up in the body, maintain alertness & prevent chronic injuries. All the things you need to use should be quite easy to reach so as to help you maintain a good and comfortable posture whilst conducting your day to day work. Some simple adjustments to the workstation will greatly enhance your work experience.

ergonomics computerComputer Monitor, Keyboard and Mouse
Desktop computers are the best choice-for an ergonomic workstation since the monitor & keyboard are separate & can be easily adjusted to give you a comfortable working position. In case you use a notebook or a laptop, an external keyboard or monitor will help create a proper ergonomic setup. Your monitor needs to be centered right in front-of you and you should be an arm’s length away-from it when seated comfortably in your working chair. The monitor’s top should be at your eye’s level. You shouldn’t have to tilt your-head so as to comfortably view the screen. You should also have adequate room or space for your mouse and keyboard so as to add comfort. Your keyboard needs to be centered to your-body around the alpha numerical keys, instead of including the numerical-pad, which is generally less frequently used. Your mouse should be-at a comfortable short distance; typically to the right-of the keyboard & 1 to 2 inches above your keyboard. This will help avoid overreaching & will keep your wrist straight whenever you are using the mouse.

An adjustable chair that has lumbar-support will help reduce the back strain & discomfort. If the desk is big, a chair with wheels can be quite helpful as it’ll allow you to easily move in front-of your desk & access all the things you need without exerting pressure/strain on your back or even forcing you to stand up. Your chair should have armrests so as to reduce strain-on the arms especially when you are not typing, & be reclined to a 100 to 110 degrees, since this is a much more relaxed posture. Your chair is basically at the right-height when your eyes-are in line with your computer monitor’s top, your feet are both resting on the surface of the floor, and you don’t need to bend wrists so as to reach your mouse or keyboard.

Ergonomic furnitureFrequently Used Items
The frequently used items need to be kept close. Keep staplers on your desk or in your top drawer along-with notepads, pens and phone logs. Your phone should be no-more than an arm’s length away. If you’re frequently on the phone, it’s best you invest in a hands free headset. This will allow you to easily work on your computer using both hands or even take notes without cradling your phone under your chin.

Proper computer workstations are basically designed to enhance comfort and benefit the user, rather than the user having to conform to the workstation. An ergonomic workstation offers the user many physical, mental and productivity benefits.

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What You Need To Know About Using Container Shelters

It’s very well known that when you need a container shelter for general storage, for machinery servicing or maybe for site work, you actually need a very solid structure that you can fully rely on. Not only that, but everyone has different needs and expectations when it comes to how their container shelter should look, the materials it’s made of, its height and so forth.

Therefore, if you’d like to have one or more container shelters built, then you should know that you’ll first of all need to speak to a reliable company that offers such services in order to see what your options are. In general, a shipping container subframe is going to provide you with plenty of space that you can use in many ways, including storing dangerous goods. And if you want to relocate it, then you don’t need to worry about that, since such shelters are built with relocation in mind without causing too much disruption.

Main pros of using a container shelter

1. Solid build quality.
2. Very simple to install and fast to relocate.
3. Comprehensive engineer certification.
4. Available in a wide range of height and spans (from as little as six meters up to thirty five meters)

container shelter

Each company has their own process and materials they use for making a container shelter, but most of the times they’re going to be made out of high strength woven polyethylene fabric. Not only that, but since they are generally exposed to sunlight, these shelters are made with UV ray protection in mind and are wind rated for your region. Containers are also specially treated against rust and many of them feature non-corrosive steel.


A container shelter is 100 percent environmentally adaptable and since the material is semi-translucent, you don’t need to worry about using electrical lighting solutions during the day, therefore saving a lot of money on power. On the other hand, if you need extra coolness and shade, there are semi-blockout and full block-out fabrics available.


Safety is very important when it comes to getting a container shelter and one of the things you’ll love about it is the fact that it can easily and effectively dampen sound waves. As previously mentioned, the fabrics are UV stabilized so they can easily reflect the sun’s damaging rays. In terms of wind rating, they are rated for maximum 300km/h with the cover still attached.

Ideal for workshop applications

If you plan on getting a container shelter to open a new workshop, then you’ll be very happy to know that they are an ideal solution for those who want to use them this way. You can also fit yours with doors and windows in order to enhance the covered space.

All in all, a container shelter is a great choice if you want to use it for storage space or for workshop applications and what makes it so amazing is that it provides a one hundred percent clearspan interior that is free of braces and wires. As a result, you get a massive height clearance that you’ll fully appreciate once you start using the shelter.

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Little Upgrades That Will Boost Your Real Estate Value

Your house is one of your biggest assets. When you want to sell it, you obviously want to do it at the best price. There are little upgrades that you can use that will help to increase your real estate value. Increasing the value of your home can be very helpful especially if the value of houses around your area has recently dropped for one reason or the other. Here are some things that you can do to improve the value of your home;

1. Clean the home and get rid of all clutter

This is one of the inexpensive things that you can do to increase your real estate value. Do basic cleaning to remove dust grease and other unappealing stuff that are in the home. Cleaning will help a lot to make the homes more appealing. Get rid of all clutter by removing junky and unnecessary items. If you have things that you don’t want to part with, keep them away in the store until you sell the house. Getting rid of clutter will not only make the house look neat but will also help to make it look more spacious. It is always better to show a potential buyer a house that is empty than showing a house that is cluttered. Get rid of all unpleasant odors. Bad odors can discourage a potential buyer from buying the house at the set price.

fresh coat of paint

2. Add a fresh coat of paint

If you have not painted the house for a long time, or if the walls do not look as good as the walls of a new house, you should consider applying fresh pain. This will help to make the house seem new and appealing. When you have a freshly painted house, you can easily convince a buyer to pay more. This is something that you can do yourself. If you don’t how to paint well or you don’t have time, you can seek the services of professionals who can paint on your behalf. Do not forget about the house’s exterior because it is the first thing that people see when they come to see the house. A good looking exterior gives a good first impression.

3. Replace everything that is broken

If you have been staying in the house that you want to sell for some time, there may be some things that are broken. This includes things such as switches, electrical wiring systems, door handles, etc. Replace them with new modern pieces. Although this will cost you some money, they will really increase your real estate value. The amount of money that you are going to spend to replace these little things is nothing compared to the value they are going to add to the house. You can also install new systems such as digital surveillance systems to boost your real estate value.

These are the little upgrades that you can use to boost the value of your house before you put it on sale. Do not sell your house at a price that is a cent lower than the maximum price you can set. Ensure that you get the most out of it.

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