Keep Your Home Safe With Gas Safety Certificate

As we all know, using damaged gas appliances can be extremely dangerous – carbon monoxide poisoning is just one of many potential risks. This is the reason why we have to check all our gas units (and gas pipes) in order to be 100% sure they are safe for us and other people.

We had a big confusion about gas safety certificate in the past, because people did not know who is really responsible for inspection and how often it should be done. Fortunately, this whole procedure became clear in 1998, when it is specified that homeowners and landlords are responsible for gas safety. In the so-called Gas Safety Regulations it is also specified that the certification process must be repeated every 12 months and that it must be conducted by registered engineer.

The most important thing we have to understand here is that this procedure is not something that should depend on our mood or judgement. No, it is a legal obligation that must be done according to strict procedures.

Here are a few situation when checking gas appliances must be done before 12 month period:

  • If you notice that something is wrong with your gas units or you just think they do not work properly, you should call an engineer right away.

  • If you notice strange flame. As you know, blue flame is a sign that your appliance works good. On the other hand, yellow flame almost always means that something is wrong with your appliance or gas installation

  • Strange odor in your apartment could be a sign of gas leaking

  • Call an engineer if you notice increased condensation somewhere in your house.

Of course, all above is related to legal obligations and what we must do if we want to avoid legal consequences. But there are things that go beyond any law and things that people should do because they want, not because someone ordered them to do so. Taking care about safety is one of these things.

So, despite the paragraphs specified in the Gas Safety Regulations, there are things we can do on our own to increase safety of our gas appliances even more.

First of all, there is no need to wait 12 months to check your gas installation. You can do it by yourself or by your tenants. If there are any problems like mentioned above, call an engineer right away.

Installation of the Carbon Monoxide alarm is always recommended. However, do not forget standard gas landlord safety procedure.

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