How To Deter Foxes From Causing Havoc Around Your Home

When it comes to foxes, many people don’t see them as pests. But they can actually be a real nuisance and danger to health if you encourage foxes by feeding them.

Foxes are really cunning so can be difficult to prevent and deter in cities like London. They are a real pest that needs pest control because foxes can pose real threats to your family. Get in touch with a local service for more information on how to deter foxes.

Here are some top fox deterrent ideas you can use at home.

  • Clean up – Foxes love our bins. So make it harder for them by keeping your garden and home as tidy as possible, with no available food sources around for the foxes to much on. Foxes pretty much live off waste so anything you throw away will be edible to them.
  • Secure pet enclosures – If you have pets outside like rabbits or want to protect chickens from foxes, these can be a huge attraction for foxes. Make sure that your pets enclosure is well sealed and secure against foxes so they don’t become a meal.
  • Deterrent sprays – Foxes use scent to mark their territory, so using fox deterrent sprays can help keep them away from your garden. There are a range of repellents you can find online that are great at keeping foxes away.
  • Water deterrents – These are water devices that have sensors. When triggered they send out a spray of water, scaring the foxes away. Just make sure to turn them off when you’re pets are around – you don’t want a soggy moggy coming in through the cat flap.
  • Fox-proofing – Making your London property and garden fox-proof helps to deter foxes from getting into your garden. Ensure your fences are properly fitted and are in good condition so that foxes can’t gain access to your property at all. Decking and sheds should also be checked for any repairs, and built so that it is impossible for foxes to dig underneath them to gain access.
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