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5 Cool Small Kitchen Remodeling Tips

Most often we find ideas for remodeling of large kitchens in books or house magazines. It’s quite rare to come across some article telling us how to remodel a small kitchen. Well, we have quite a lot of freedom while working on kitchens with larger space, but that doesn’t mean there is not much that one can do in case of kitchens with smaller area.

There are quite a few things that need consideration while undertaking remodeling of a small kitchen. I’ve seen a lot of great ideas, pictures and tips on so I wanted to make a post and expand on this idea. Here are some tips that you’ll helpful when decide to rearrange or renovate a small-sized kitchen.

1. Use common layouts for small kitchen spaces

Even if the kitchen has more length and short width or is in square shape, you can still undertake its renovation or remodeling and give it a better look, while making best use of the available space.

You have to opt for one of these layouts: U-shaped or L-shaped, one wall, or galley/corridor. Though the trend these days is to have a kitchen island, it doesn’t work when the kitchen is small and you’ll end up crowding your kitchen and make it look still smaller.

2. Check out your big appliances

It’s typical of many households to buy bigger appliances, ignoring the fact that they occupy a larger area too and thus leave insufficient space for other items that have more functional utility. You should avoid falling in that trap and look for smaller devices that remain more functional without eating into the small space that you might have.

3. Identify your priorities

You should be able to differentiate between what is really needed and what you wish to have. Quite often it so happens that one likes to include some nice looking items in the kitchen, even if they are of no functional value. When your options are limited, you need to decide your priorities.

4. Make use of old cabinetry

Remodeling of kitchen shouldn’t be a very expensive project if you consider reusing some of the items that are already there. For example, you could reuse old or unused cabinets for storage. Usually, they just need to be cleaned or at the most repainted to be put to good use as they begin to look like new cabinets.

5. Bigger and lighter

Flooring should comprise of larger tiles to make the space look bigger. Likewise, having tiles in lighter colors also helps to make a smaller kitchen look larger than it actual size. Lighter colors reflect back the falling light and thus create an impression of larger space.

An important benefit of remodeling small kitchen is that it’s an easy DIY project, which is not difficult to manage and remains manageable. Another important feature of such a project is that to a large extent it just means to sorting out things and getting rid of all that is not needed around the place.

It will be a good idea to trade your items that are in working order and look nice but are not suitable for small kitchen. If you keep in mind the above-mentioned tips while remodeling your small kitchen, you’ll surely end up with a small but more functional and better-looking kitchen.

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    I agree that when you have a small kitchen, you really have to know your priorities. It took a long time for me to decide on whether i needed more workspace or a dining area in my kitchen but i found a contractor who could work out a suitable kitchen plan to fit both.


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