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5 Secret Techniques To Improve Home Design

Real comfort, visual and physical is vital in every room.” – Mark Hampton

A good foundation of an impressive home design is on how you perceive your home. Agree? Regardless of what design you want to have, there must be a lot of thinking and planning before you get to work on the project. Obviously, you do not want to commit costly mistakes. Right? Especially when it involves money, we do not want to waste a single cent for a dumb home design mistake. However, not all of us know the basic rules when it comes to home designing, which results in an undesirable outcome.


Whether you are a homeowner in Avida Homes or in any real estate property, you can now transform your home into a place where it best reflects your style and personality. Just a little help from the experts, you will be able to learn how to improve your home design.

  1. “Never push furniture up against the walls. By pulling your seating arrangement in (even just a few inches) you instantly warm up a space and create flow.” – Betsy Burnham

Having a space between the furniture and the wall will prevent your things from being congested in one place. Moreover, you are also creating a more breathable space at home.

  1. “Ceilings must always be considered. They are the most neglected space in a room.” – Albert Hadley

Admittedly, most of us focus on the spaces below. Perhaps, it’s because living rooms are the most visible of all. However, people will most likely be impressed on how you decorate your ceiling that would also match the theme below.

  1. “Pinches of color keep a room feeling youthful and engaging.” – Christina Murphy

Choosing the right color is important. Colors can break or make a good room. Before you decide on what color, you have to consider its tint, tone, texture and shade. With that, you will know what is best for your room.

  1. “Use wallpaper in unexpected places: on the ceiling, in a paneled room, in closets, hallways, and small foyers. A great pattern or texture in small spaces can be a prodigious twist.” – Lindsay Coral Harper

Just because they are not usually visible, that does not mean you will skip on decorating such spaces. Decorating the ceiling, paneled rooms, closets, hallways and small foyers can give your home a desirable look.


  1. “The most important thing? Perfect lighting at all times.” – Oscar de la Renta

Aside from the fact that lights illuminate the place, a good lighting in the right space will add warmth to your surroundings. Lightings can complete a homey ambiance in your home.

Generally, decorating your home is not hard as you think it is. As a homeowner, for as long as you are happy and satisfied with the outcome of the design of your home, then you are on the go.

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