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5 Tips for Upselling Your Property

The real estate market is a whimsical creature governed by deities of Supply and Demand, and even strong-boned houses in hot locations sometimes fall short of the ballpark value estimates. Still, this doesn’t mean that you should sell your estate for less than you originally bargained for: it just means that you should do your realty homework before you start calling figures. Or, you can just follow these five steps and get the biggest buck for your property bang without losing time or potential buyers to stale listings or first impressions gone haywire.

Upselling Your Property

1. Hop on the internet marketing bandwagon

Modern homebuyers don’t drive around looking for homes on sale – they just hit a few buttons on their phone and instantly access online property listings. If your realty is not already featured on the web, you’ve already missed a few good deals – but it’s never too late to turn your fate around and sell your home for a small fortune. If you’re a realtor, you can create a website for advertizing purposes, but you don’t have to go through all that hassle if you’re just looking for a quick one-time sale. Turn to Craigslist, ListedBy, eBay Classifieds for a free property listing, or tap into paid advertizing options via eBay auction, Bid4Assets, VflyerLandWatch, Lead Propeller, or Google Adwords. You can also test your luck on BiggerPockets Marketplace, Connected Investors, and forums frequented by realtors and house flippers. If all else fails, give social networks a go.

2. Don’t underestimate old-school methods, though

The fact that most homebuyers nowadays are computer-literate doesn’t mean that traditional real estate marketing is a dead dodo. Listing your property with a reputed property agent and placing a classified ad in the local paper can be the magnet for investors who prefer to look for property deals in the real rather than virtual world. You can also put up a ‘For Sale’ sign in your yard – you never know if your next door neighbor nurtures secret home extension ambitions and would be willing to pay for more land in gold.

3. Declutter and depersonalize for deeper pockets

Once you’ve tackled advertizing, turn to your estate and see whether a minor update could help it win a higher sale figure. Most homebuyers prefer their home-to-be depersonalized, clutter-free and served on a sparkling clean plate, so cart off ungainly clutter piles to an outdoor storage unit. Also, don’t forget to clean up your act both indoors and al fresco before ushering in viewers: property deals depend on first impressions, and most homebuyers won’t bother to take a second look at a property with dismal curb appeal.

4. Style your property right to dial up the contract call

Home styling is growing increasingly popular among realtors and property owners looking to sell fast and for a fortune. Essentially a cosmetic home makeover, styling can boost property appeal and present your home in its finest guise (which you can take down and sell off for bonus cash once the contract is signed). Home stylists often use luxury items such as artwork and vintage accessories to amp the home look, but you don’t have to buy a ton of suave extras unless you’re truly desperate. A shy show of hardbacks, scented candles, potted plants, fine linens, and lush drapes, rugs, and cushions strategically scattered around your home will do the trick granted the place is not in an eyepokingly derelict shape.

style it up

5. Always be at home when buyers come knocking

Many homeowners cover their advertizing and styling bases and still fail to cash the property in because they schedule home viewings at all the wrong hours. If you’ve set your eyes on speedy property sale, make yourself and your show-ready home available to potential buyers 24/7, and avoid rescheduling house tours at all costs. House hunters know that time is money and few of them will care to drop by at an hour more convenient to you if you’ve stood them up once.

Upselling property is not actually as difficult as it sounds. If you’re still here, you have the know-how already, so put it to good use and you’ll soon be counting your small fortune. Good luck!

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