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Sleep Well by Using These Items in Your Bedroom

Sleep is something that evades the best of us. We could be dead tired and yet, our chaotic minds, stress levels, and to-do lists tease our brain and exhaust our bodies to the point where it becomes hard to consider sleep. Setting the mood in your bedroom is one of the best ways to encourage a deep, restful sleep each night. Try these ideas and items in your room to set a relaxing mood.

Dim Those Lights

Bright lights caused our brains to stay awake, so dim lighting is encouraged in the bedroom. Lights like wall sconces, night-lights, or low-wattage bulbs in decorative lamps all produce a calming and relaxing atmosphere. These types of lights don’t emit high wattage or too much light. They provide just enough for us to see where we are going, but not enough to keep our brains actively awake. Other items to try are black out curtains that work wonders for keeping out the bright sun, especially if you work at night and have to sleep during the day. The bedroom should be a place to unwind, and dimming the lights can help encourage our brains to chill out and let sleep come.

Consider Soothing Sounds

Sound therapy systems, or noise machines as many people know them, produce audible sounds that are used to promote relaxation. There are many sounds to choose from like rain falling, waves crashing, rain, thunder, a fan blowing, or white noise. These are only some of the sounds that are available on sound machines and people can choose one that they like that soothes them. The idea behind these devices is that certain frequencies and volumes of sounds encourage relaxation and sleep. Which sound would you choose?

Try a Humidifier

Humidifiers have been around for many years and are still one of the most popular tools used to promote relaxation and rest. Humidifiers do what they are named for, and add humidity to the air which prevents dry throats and congestion. More humidity also helps with snoring, as the increased moisture in the air allows it to move better letting us breathe more easily. Dryness creates thirst and irritation, as well as snoring, which are all the key factors in keeping us awake or waking us up throughout the night. These devices can help achieve the perfect sleeping environment.

Diffusers and Oils

Aromatherapy is used by thousands of people for various illnesses and ailments. Oils such as lavender oil are among the top choices to promote sleep and relaxation. Diffusers can be anything from a candle to an electric diffuser that plugs into the wall. A small amount of oil is placed in or on the diffuser, and the heat allows the scent to fill the room. They are frequently used as calming methods, and to de-stress or ease anxiousness, all things that rob us of sleep.

The Perfect Pillow

You may not realize it, but your pillow might be the cause of you waking up 100 times a night. Pillows only last for so long, and once they have served their life, it may be a chance to consider a new one. There are “cool” pillows that prevent your face and neck from getting too hot, as well as firm, soft, side sleeper pillows, back sleeper pillows and many others. If your neck aches or you wake up feeling tense or unrested, a new pillow might be the cure.

Bedrooms Are for Rest

If you make your room a place to relax and sleep, it will become a relaxing sanctuary to you. Try to keep work out of the chamber and avoid bright lights that trigger wakefulness. Keep bright screens like the T.V, smartphones, or other devices to a minimum. All these things interfere with our sleep schedule and cue restlessness for the entire night. Humidifiers, sound machines, fans, essential oils, soft or dim lights, and the perfect pillow can have you drifting off in no time.

Bio: Sarah believes that sleep should be a priority in everyone’s lives, which is why she started Sleepy Deep – a place where people can learn more about the physical and mental benefits of sleep.

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Tall Glass Vase: Excellent Decorative Item

Glass is a substance of great durability and malleability, allowing artisans to exert their creativity on its unique structure. Glass materials gave way to the existence of tall glass vase that is now gaining popularity. These tall vases can certainly create a big change in the decorations of your room rendering a unique breath of life. The clear and unique designs displayed by these glass vases can uplift the ambiance of a particular space especially if graced with fresh and colourful flowers.


A tall glass vase can also make a distinct style statement especially if this is placed in the most ideal location. This vase is perhaps one of the most interesting glass vases to decorate. Since glasses are transparent, all you have to do is to think for something unique, artistic and attractive to put inside the vases. Aside from flowers, tall glass vase can also be placed with other ornamental elements to get the result that you truly desire.

These particular types of vases are also excellent decorative items for bathrooms. If individuals got larger glass vases, they can use these for holding bathroom accessories like soap and cotton balls. There are even instances that some individuals use tall glass vases as containers for essential oils and bath oils. In some cases, tall and narrow vases are also used to hold lengthy items such as razors, toothbrushes and toilet papers.

For a romantic ambiance, individuals can use these vases in holding scented and floating candles. Just fill the vases with water and allow the candles to float along with flower petals. You can also base this idea on the season and occasion. If you are a fish lover, you can take the option of turning the vase in a wonderful fish habitat. You can fill the glass vase with marbles and colourful stones in place this in the bathroom or living room. These vases can make up great decorations. If you are in search for desirable gift item, this vase is also a brilliant choice.

You really do not have to spend much when you decorate these vases. Even simple ornamental elements like feathers twigs, ferns and more can work as interesting and unique accompaniment. To make a room more happy and vibrant, you can fill tall glass vases with colourful water.

To save your time and effort when decorating and filling these vases, make sure to prepare all things and materials that you will need. With fewer amounts of money and effort, you can use these vases in making better transformation of your home. For better results, you can make use of your own ideas, imaginations and expressions during the process of decorating the tall glass vase.

The good thing about tall glass vases is that they can be used regardless of the type of occasion. By filling these items with the compatible and desirable items, you can certainly come up with a pleasing decorative item that can make your space or room ultimately inviting. These vases are truly must-have items for your home’s ultimate elegance.

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