Calculating Basement Waterproofing Costs

Whether you are building a basement by yourself or you hired a contractor for this task, it is wise to consider basement waterproofing. Knowing how much money and time you need to spend on this project will help you determine whether you are going to include this task in the entire construction project or not.

Considering that the basement is the only area below the ground level, waterproofing it is a wise choice. Besides keeping your home safe from water, you will get some other privileges and advantages as well. Just think about how much the value of your structure will be once you install waterproofing system.

The Costs

First things first. If you decide to hire a contractor for this task, your costs will be drastically increased. In case your budget doesn’t allow this, consider doing this by yourself. It is a more affordable option and you can track the costs of everything you do. For example:

If you plan to use your basement as a storage space, then you will not need to spend a lot on materials. Less complicated and smaller basements are easier to waterproof.

Basement Waterproofing

Walls and ceilings and flooring play an important part in waterproofing. Moisture will cause mold to grow on these surfaces so you will have to think of a way to prevent them from being damaged. Using seals and waterproof paint is a good way to start. But you can add a lot more protection to your basement if your budget allows it.

French drain is a must for every basement. It’s what keeps the rainwater away from flowing straight into the basement. Of course, this is what will cost you more than anything else.


One can of waterproofing paint will cost you anywhere from 100 to 200 GBP. Installing proper flooring will cost you from 40 to 150 GBP. If you use a drywall, it is additional 40 GBP per one square meter. Now, calculate these figures with the size of your basement and you will be able to get an approximate value.

If you compare this value to the cost of basement waterproofing the contractor asks for, you will be able to determine whether you want to complete this project on your own or if it makes sense to actually hire a contractor. I would say that the safer option is to hire a company that has a lot of experience as they will do a far better job than anyone else.

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