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Redesign Your Living Room – Top 5 Trendy Options

Do you feel like your living room could use some touching up? Yes, every now and then comes a time when you simply get bored with the same old style and you want to do something different. Certainly, the best way to alter the appearance of your living space is to focus on changing the upholstery. Of course, when it comes to the style and design of the upholstery, it’s safe to say that the possibilities are endless. But, if you don’t have a specific style in mind or you’re simply in need of some additional inspiration, perhaps these 5 options will help you get a better idea of what you actually wish to accomplish with your living room redesign:

Oriental Vibe


In the last couple of years, we had the opportunity to witness a complete cultural diversification in terms of interior design. Many professional designers have adopted the practice of using fabrics, materials, patterns and colours characteristic for different cultural backgrounds. With that, achieving a somewhat oriental vibe in our homes has become possible through the use of woven fabrics such as burlap, which not only feels great, but also gives out a natural look as well. These fabrics are usually made of jute fibres, which are common in countries like Bangladesh. This is a great option not just for upholstery, but also for wall coverings, curtains and cushions, as the fabric is quite durable and comes in a variety of colours and patterns.

Keep It Green

If there’s one movement that has overtaken the whole world, then it’s definitely sustainable development. Eco-friendly practices are becoming a part of our everyday lives and it’s quite common to see some of these ideas being implemented in interior design. The use of natural and organic home décor fabrics has become quite prominent and many individuals are opting for fabrics made of bamboo, hemp, linen and cotton. Not only do they reduce the overall impact on the environment, but they’re also quite durable and easy to maintain.

Vintage Is In

The practice of ticking is an old form of interweaving cotton or linen textile in order to keep the feathers from poking out the fabric and to maintain good durability. This was mainly used in mattresses and pillows, but nowadays this method of weaving is used in upholstery as well, as a method of achieving a more vintage and industrial aesthetic. Those who wish to evoke a countryside and rural ambience in their living spaces, can surely benefit from various forms, colours and patterns characteristic for this fabric.

Cover It Up


Another great idea to help you achieve a more distinctive look in your living room is to go beyond upholstery and consider other options of styling. For instance, draperies are commonly used for decorative purposes, especially around the windows and on other pieces of furniture as well. Of course, today, draperies have more than a decorative purpose and certain fabrics are designed to protect the furniture from heavy sunlight and create good insulation from both cold and heat.

Versatility Is Crucial

Lastly, what matters most when choosing the right style, is to be open to new designs. This is why versatility in fabrics is very important. If you’re still not quite sure what type of style you prefer, perhaps printed cotton fabrics are the best choice for you. The Fabric Store offers many available designs of this fabric, which ranges from floral designs and rustic tones up to contemporary styles and high-class finishes.

Redesigning your living room can be a fun endeavour, all you need is a bit of inspiration to spark your imagination. Whether you prefer a rustic, countryside ambience or perhaps a more modern feel to your home, it’s important to choose the right fabrics, colours and patterns to achieve the desired look.

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4 Best Tips for Brightening Up Your Living Space

There’s something philosophical and also mythical about the concepts of light and darkness. From ancient times, dark colours were associated with evil forces, while light always represented calm, serenity and peace. The everlasting battle between black and white can be found even in interior design, where many people tend to avoid gloomy, sombre spaces and rely on bright, vivid colours for their living spaces. Of course, there are many benefits of bright living areas; not only do they exude with warmth and hospitality but they’re also more pleasant, healthier and comfortable. That being said, shedding some light into your home can be an easy undertaking, you only need a few ideas to inspire you.

Paint It White

While Mick Jagger might condemn us for saying this, but painting it black is no longer an option. One of the simplest and yet most effective ways to shine some light into your living space is to repaint your walls in white. The colour white doesn’t necessarily have to find its purpose solely on the walls; consider painting your staircase and furniture, as well as adding some white-coloured decorative pieces to achieve a complete beach house vibe. This simple, sleek and elegant design will give your house an airy and light sensation without going through much hassle.

Brightening Up Your Living Space

Consider The Layout

Another great way to make your home brighter is to give light an opportunity to spread across the living area. This means that you should invest a fair amount of time designing the perfect layout plan, so you’d be able to create a spacious surroundings full of natural light. The best way to do this is to opt for an open house plan, preferably with an additional opening to the backyard. It’s also a good idea to opt for low furniture pieces, as they’ll give an impression of a much broader space, as well as to consider implementing a minimalistic design into your living space, whose sole absence of clutter and unnecessary objects is going to keep your home open to the atmosphere around it.

Add More Glass

Opening your home to light can easily be managed by installing more windows in the living space and replacing traditional wooden doors with glass ones. While the idea of living in a glasshouse might be a bit unsettling, there are countless of ways to add glass features into your home, without sacrificing your safety. For instance, skylights and tubular light tunnels have become increasingly popular over the course of years and not only do they provide an excellent source of light, they’re also known to be quite stylish as well. Ceiling to floor windows are another wonderful option, but if you’re feeling bold, you can always opt for a glass roof.

Mirror, Mirror On the Wall

If you’re looking for quick solutions to open your home to light, you can always rely on the good old trick of using mirrors. Strategically placing mirrors around the room will help reflect the lighting and create an illusion of a much wider space. Of course, you can also try to add or change some accessories in the room to give it a brighter feel. Professionals from Beyond a Word Art recommend using dark-coloured art pieces to create contrast in the room so the rest of the space would appear even brighter and more alive. It’s an easy trick, but it does wonders.

Before you condemn yourself to living in a dreary, bleak house, consider a few easy tips and tricks to bring your living space back to life. Brightening up your house doesn’t necessarily have to be demanding or tedious and can greatly improve the quality of your lifestyle.



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5 Secret Techniques To Improve Home Design

Real comfort, visual and physical is vital in every room.” – Mark Hampton

A good foundation of an impressive home design is on how you perceive your home. Agree? Regardless of what design you want to have, there must be a lot of thinking and planning before you get to work on the project. Obviously, you do not want to commit costly mistakes. Right? Especially when it involves money, we do not want to waste a single cent for a dumb home design mistake. However, not all of us know the basic rules when it comes to home designing, which results in an undesirable outcome.


Whether you are a homeowner in Avida Homes or in any real estate property, you can now transform your home into a place where it best reflects your style and personality. Just a little help from the experts, you will be able to learn how to improve your home design.

  1. “Never push furniture up against the walls. By pulling your seating arrangement in (even just a few inches) you instantly warm up a space and create flow.” – Betsy Burnham

Having a space between the furniture and the wall will prevent your things from being congested in one place. Moreover, you are also creating a more breathable space at home.

  1. “Ceilings must always be considered. They are the most neglected space in a room.” – Albert Hadley

Admittedly, most of us focus on the spaces below. Perhaps, it’s because living rooms are the most visible of all. However, people will most likely be impressed on how you decorate your ceiling that would also match the theme below.

  1. “Pinches of color keep a room feeling youthful and engaging.” – Christina Murphy

Choosing the right color is important. Colors can break or make a good room. Before you decide on what color, you have to consider its tint, tone, texture and shade. With that, you will know what is best for your room.

  1. “Use wallpaper in unexpected places: on the ceiling, in a paneled room, in closets, hallways, and small foyers. A great pattern or texture in small spaces can be a prodigious twist.” – Lindsay Coral Harper

Just because they are not usually visible, that does not mean you will skip on decorating such spaces. Decorating the ceiling, paneled rooms, closets, hallways and small foyers can give your home a desirable look.


  1. “The most important thing? Perfect lighting at all times.” – Oscar de la Renta

Aside from the fact that lights illuminate the place, a good lighting in the right space will add warmth to your surroundings. Lightings can complete a homey ambiance in your home.

Generally, decorating your home is not hard as you think it is. As a homeowner, for as long as you are happy and satisfied with the outcome of the design of your home, then you are on the go.

Author Bio

John Lee is a blogger and a real estate enthusiast, currently writing and blogging about Avida Towers, a real estate company in the Philippines.

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Residential Painting Will Help Sell Your Home Quicker

Today, selling a home is quite a difficult task as there are millions of homes on sale. To be able to sell a home, it must be exceptionally appealing and quite outstanding. If you home has walls that need repair because of paint that is flaking and full of cracks, or just appears to be dirty and outdated, then it might not sell as fast as you would expect. With so many homes for sale, the buyer will have an array of choices, and if yours is not the most appealing, they will simply move on to the next house, one they think is worth their hard earned money. You would be surprised how much of a difference a fresh layer of paint makes when it comes to selling a home.


In the real estate industry, it is generally accepted that the most home renovations that expedite the sale of a home include kitchen and bathroom updates as well as painting the interior. These are the basic ways that real estate investors use to make a property sell quickly. Painting is a great way to quickly increase the value of a property. This is because the fresh coat of paint will make the room look clean and appealing to the prospective buyer. Things like holes in walls, cracks, stains, and scratches tend to putt of buyers and so, doing a quick fix and painting is important when selling any property, especially residential ones.

However, if the painting job is done in a haphazard manner, it will be more of a deterrent that a draw to the buyer. Lines that have not been cut cleanly, splatters of paint on the carpets and paint drips on the walls tend to make the home look inferior. This is why it is important to hire a professional residential painter who will ensure that the painting job is done as it should. A professional painter will know how to correct any issues and ensure the walls are cleaned and ready to be painted. Keep in mind that paint preparation is the key to a great paint job. Skipping this step will only leave you with a less appealing house.

Color choice is ideally a great factor when it comes to property value. Homes that are up for sale will usually have neutral paints so that the prospect will feel that their furnishings will be able to fit well without having to redo the paint job. Warm and soft colors give a sense of comfort and will make the room feel cozy and relaxed. Dark colors are not recommended as they tend not to relate to most buyers. So, when doing residential painting, keep these few key points in mind, and you will be able to sell your home quicker and at a higher value.

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Enjoy The Beauty Of Porcelain Floors

Nothing has revolutionized matters to do with home décor like tiles and especially porcelain floor tiles that come with loads of advantages for home owners. These tiles have become a perfect choice for most people both indoor and outdoor floor installation. Since porcelain floors are stronger than granite they are a perfect choice no matter where you want to place them because there will be no fear that they are going to break easily. Because of their ability to last so long and are hard to wear, they will give your home a fresh look for long time duration.

Most people who avoid using slate outside because they are afraid of its durability have discovered that porcelain is a good alternative to the slate effect outside. Unless you are an expert in floor installation, you may not easily distinguish between slate and porcelain. Porcelain tiles are strong in nature and because they are affordable too, they are the perfect choice for installation outside in in your car parking spaces. Other people have also used porcelain tiles in their driveways therefore giving the entire home a stunning appearance from the moment a visitor enters your home.

porcelain flooring

Porcelain flooring also makes patios look quite amazing for one other reason. It doesn’t matter what your color preferences are; people are normally choosy about colors, shades and textures of the tiles they want to install. Porcelain tiles are made in a plethora of colors, shades and textures and there is no doubt that you will find something that will match your taste and choice so that you can create any designs you have ever dreamed about your floor. It is possible to create mosaic designs or combine numerous colors so you can any type of view you intend to have in your patio. And if you are worried about porcelain tiles being slippery, rest your fears because you can choose the non-slippery form of porcelain too.

Porcelain flooring is ideal for your entire house as well and if you are worried about the possibility of them making your home cold especially during those winter mornings, you should know that you can comfortably use porcelain tiles on top of any heating systems that are used under the floor. These tiles are heated very easily and what’s more, they also retain their heat for a long duration of time. You can also comfortably have porcelain flooring installed in the bathrooms or kitchen and apart from the floors it can also continue to some walls. When walls and floors are covered using porcelain tiles they simply look gorgeous.

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Small Home Wood Repairs that Make a Difference

Every home needs occasional repairs. Due to the economic crisis that has been here since 2008, only really rich people decide to make larger home investments. Members of the working class and the middle class try to save as much money as possible to have at least some kind of a private fund in case of another economic tsunami. However, that is not a reason to skip home improvements, especially the ones that do not demand too much money, but which contribute to a fresher look of the home. Today we are going to try to give you some affordable ideas on home repairs.

Regular wall repainting


While many other repairs and redecorations can wait, walls are a serious hygienic issue. If you cannot afford painting them every year, it has to be done at least once in two years. Also, some rooms in your home will have dirtier walls than some others. The two rooms that demand more regular repainting are the kitchen and the bathroom. The kitchen is the place where you prepare meals and both the ceiling and the walls are exposed to vapor and the walls are especially prone to all sorts of food stains. When you want to repaint the walls, make sure that all the furniture is either removed or protected with nylon and plastic covers. You do not need additional expenses of furniture cleaning.

Varnish the doors and windows


Wood requires constant care. Doors and windows fit this image and requirements. So, in order to make the doors and windows last longer and have better heat insulation and a higher esthetic value, you should also (re)varnish them at least once in two years, too. The only investments here are the brush, the sand paper and varnish. Also, when varnishing the windows, always check the condition of the blinds, especially if they are wooden. Varnishing the blinds once in a while will protect the wood and also save you from additional investments in these items for a longer period of time.

Trees need treatments

Apart from the wooden items in and on your home, the world of wood also has its outdoor representatives – trees; or, rather, the indoor wooden items originate from the outdoor trees. Trees are usually situated in front of your house, as an add-on to your home’s curb appeal, or, on the other hand, in the backyard, as a sort of decorative plants that also help keep the air around the house and inside it fresher, especially in hot summer nights. When planting trees around your house, always avoid trees that have deep roots.

On the other hand, when removing trees from your garden(s), if you do not have experience with taking them down, always ask for professional assistance. No matter whether you are in need for tree lopping in Sydney or your Paris-based garden needs more space, cutting down trees on your own can be extremely dangerous. Pros will know how to handle it. It might be the priciest of these three ideas, but safety has not price.

No matter how dark your financial perspective might seem, remember that trees and wooden items need regular care. If they have it, they will cost less on longer tracks and you will get more comfort out of them.

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Little Upgrades That Will Boost Your Real Estate Value

Your house is one of your biggest assets. When you want to sell it, you obviously want to do it at the best price. There are little upgrades that you can use that will help to increase your real estate value. Increasing the value of your home can be very helpful especially if the value of houses around your area has recently dropped for one reason or the other. Here are some things that you can do to improve the value of your home;

1. Clean the home and get rid of all clutter

This is one of the inexpensive things that you can do to increase your real estate value. Do basic cleaning to remove dust grease and other unappealing stuff that are in the home. Cleaning will help a lot to make the homes more appealing. Get rid of all clutter by removing junky and unnecessary items. If you have things that you don’t want to part with, keep them away in the store until you sell the house. Getting rid of clutter will not only make the house look neat but will also help to make it look more spacious. It is always better to show a potential buyer a house that is empty than showing a house that is cluttered. Get rid of all unpleasant odors. Bad odors can discourage a potential buyer from buying the house at the set price.

fresh coat of paint

2. Add a fresh coat of paint

If you have not painted the house for a long time, or if the walls do not look as good as the walls of a new house, you should consider applying fresh pain. This will help to make the house seem new and appealing. When you have a freshly painted house, you can easily convince a buyer to pay more. This is something that you can do yourself. If you don’t how to paint well or you don’t have time, you can seek the services of professionals who can paint on your behalf. Do not forget about the house’s exterior because it is the first thing that people see when they come to see the house. A good looking exterior gives a good first impression.

3. Replace everything that is broken

If you have been staying in the house that you want to sell for some time, there may be some things that are broken. This includes things such as switches, electrical wiring systems, door handles, etc. Replace them with new modern pieces. Although this will cost you some money, they will really increase your real estate value. The amount of money that you are going to spend to replace these little things is nothing compared to the value they are going to add to the house. You can also install new systems such as digital surveillance systems to boost your real estate value.

These are the little upgrades that you can use to boost the value of your house before you put it on sale. Do not sell your house at a price that is a cent lower than the maximum price you can set. Ensure that you get the most out of it.

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Learning More About Home Maintenance – Grout Sealers

You probably aren’t aware of how many different tasks you have to do to make your home running smoothly. Things may look simple when you take a look at the surface, but if you scratch it a bit…oh boy! There are many little details every homeowner needs to take care of to make his home clean and functioning.

I realized that there are more and more things we need to take into account when cleaning and maintaining our home simply because there are too many options now. When you want to buy a certain tool or appliance, you have to go through a lot of rubbish and a lot of faulty or expensive models to find the one that’s perfect for you. I recently had to buy a grout sealer for my bathroom tiles and discovered I needed more time to do the research than to do the actual sealing!

Yes, and this was because you can’t mix the chemicals – your grout cleaner has to be compatible with your grout sealer. So you got to read the labels. But since I didn’t want to go to Home Depot and read one label after another, I did a few searches online. I found several good guides on sealer options and discovered there are 3 different types of grout sealers: coatings, penetrating and color sealers. Each of these had their advantages and disadvantages and could work with specific cleaners only. Some could repel oil, others couldn’t. Some penetrated the surface, others did not. And so on.

I read the whole thing and figured out what I needed. Only then did I go to Home Depot and got the goods. I finished working with it in a couple of hours only and it was a piece of cake. I don’t know, maybe I am more a doer than a reader. Once I knew exactly what I need and what will make my bathroom tiles look good, I got down to business. I’ll tell you that bathroom flooring is the easiest surface to clean and maintain. It hardly gets any dust, while hardwood flooring has a lot of it, water won’t hurt the tiles and even if there is some dirt and grime, it is not as noticeable as it is with laminate or vinyl for example.

In the end, there’s a lot of things we, homeowners, need to know about to keep our home looking great and operating at optimum. It’s a tough job, but, it brings a lot of satisfaction!

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Renovating Norwich Bathrooms – A How To Guide

When you have lived many years in your house, it can get boring, leaving you feeling uninspired and unhappy. While renovating your house can be too much of a pull on the money strings, a perfect way to remedy the situation is to renovate your bathroom.

Nothing can improve your Norwich homes than a new bathroom. It’s something for you to focus on, and can make a great individual or family project. If you’re still wondering whether you should or shouldn’t renovate Norwich bathrooms, here are six reasons to help you decide.

Monetary value of your home rise

When prospective buyers of your home notice the fact that the house has been well maintained the value of your house is increased as they will be willing to pay a higher price for it. A well kept new bathroom is a major plus point when you’re looking to sell. This is an excellent way of making back all the money you invested in your property in the first place.

Safety features

While renovating your Norwich bathrooms, you can fix all the leaks and loose tiles, making it more secure and easy to be in. This way, you’re also checking your bathrooms for unwanted mould and other unhygienic things that you can get rid of at the same time.

Storage space

When your house is overcrowded and you are desperately in need of storage space, the bathroom inevitable becomes the one spot you can dump all the extras in. If you remodel your Norwich bathrooms while keeping this in mind, chances are you’ll be able to create more space for storing items too, typically killing two birds with one stone.

Relax in style

Perhaps the best reason to renovate your bathroom is for yourself. Nothing is more relaxing than taking a long shower or bath in a tub. And the best part about this is that when you redesign your bathroom, you put in exactly what you want in there, so you know exactly what pleases you. This makes a long shower or baths something to look forward to even more. What’s more, if you have kids, this is a great way to get them interested in a bath too. So your Norwich bathroom is not just a place for you to unwind after a long day, but advantageous to the rest of your family as well!


Give your home some freshness

Renovating one part of the house has a two-fold benefit. It isn’t as pricey as renovating the entire house and at the same time makes the whole house feel fresh and new anyway. This makes you happy, as well as prevents you from burning a large hole in your pocket.

Get your dream new bathroom

Another reason is that in this process your Norwich bathrooms will reflect the new bathroom of your dreams. It can be the one place where everything is exactly how you’ve always wanted it to be. After all, it’s the small things in life that matter!

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Exterior Paint Ideas – Think This Through

It’s not wise to rush your decision of painting the exteriors of your house. That needs a prolonged thinking to make sure that it is done perfectly in one go only. Painting of the entire house is an expensive affair and certainly not a very easy task. Mind you, whatever decision you take, the consequences will last for the next three to five years! Getting ideas on the subject is not so difficult as you might be imagining, as you could make use of the Internet and educate yourself on the subject and get worthwhile ideas that would suit you most.


There are a few points that should be kept in mind while painting the exterior of your house. Old-fashioned neighbors may at times frown if you apply bold and vibrant colors on the exterior. Many a time there are neighborhood associations that won’t allow you to deviate from the specified color schemes. So, play safe and choose from among simple colors like white, cream, gray or beige, lest you earn the unpleasantness or sarcasm of neighbors.

You need to keep the architectural design of the house in mind while drawing plans for exterior painting of house. For instance, it will be inappropriate to paint the exteriors of a historically old house in a modern color scheme. It would not only look funny but also bring down the value of the property. In contrast, painting it in bright and pleasing colors in line with the environment and neighborhood can further enhance the looks of a modern house.


Usually, houses have some minute flaws because of its design or otherwise. Such flaws can be hidden from view by use of correct colors. Well, if you decide to paint the house of your own, it’ll surely work out cheaper, but hiring the services of a professional makes sure that all flaws will hide from view, giving the house a flawless look that may not be possible if you painted the house on your own.

When considering external painting ideas of the house, it pays to choose colors that blend with its natural surroundings. Observe the surroundings. You can visualize how the greenery of your garden blends so well with the misty Blue Mountains in the background, the birds those flutter from one tree to another or the lively colors of flowers growing in your garden. Nature itself provides such beautiful palette and you just need to treat your house as the central point and decide the colors that will look best in your particular environment.

If you are unable to get a specific color or shade you like to have, you can approach expert color mixers who are able to create the exact shade you want to have. However, under such circumstances you will be required to have the needed quantity in one go as it becomes to difficult to get the same shade the next time. Using exterior house paint ideas add to the beauty and value of your property and even passers-by give it admiring looks.

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