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Driveway Construction – Asphalt or Concrete

In driveway construction, asphalt and concrete are the two common materials used but which one should you use. There are many factors to consider before making your decision which material to use. When a driveway is well designed, it will enhance the value of your home and the beauty of the premises so choosing the right material is very important. Asphalt and concrete are both made of gravel and sand but what makes them different is the binding material. The binding material in concrete is cement and in asphalt, tar is the binding material.

Driveway Construction

When choosing the materials for your driveway consider these factors and differences between asphalt and concrete driveway construction.

  • Cost of the material including what it cost to install the driveway, which can be higher for a concrete driveway.
  • Maintenance and upkeep charges
  • Climatic conditions of the area
  • How it would look with your landscape design
  • Local laws in regards to which driveway construction materials can be used

Asphalt driveway

Most people think that an asphalt driveway is always black but it can be tinted using other materials although the color options are limited. Asphalt has to be pressed to make it compact so it cannot be stamped, engraved, or stained. This type of driveway is best for colder regions because in hot weather the asphalt material can become soft causing cracks and holes in your driveways. This driveway also releases oils when it is exposed to sunlight and heat so you could carry oil stains into your home. Although constructing an asphalt driveway is cheaper it does costs more to maintain as it has to be resealed every three to five years. With an asphalt driveway, it takes just a couple of days to install and curing time takes just hours, depending on humidity, temperature, and other factors.

Concrete driveway

Most concrete driveways have an off-white color but they can also be tinted other colors. They can also be stamped, engraved, or stained unlike asphalt driveways. Constructing a driveway made from concrete is better suited for areas with hot weather because it is resistant to temperatures that are high but in cold regions you have to make sure that you fill the base of the driveway with compact gravel. If the base is not constructed correctly frost heaving can be detrimental and the driveway could develop cracks. This type of driveway could also be damaged by salt that is used to melt ice. A concrete driveway does not release oils like an asphalt driveway but any stains can be seen easier on the concrete surface. Pouring a concrete driveway can take up to five days and takes several days to cure.

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