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More Decoration In Kitchen – Copper Kitchen Sinks

A very common and simple option of upgrading any kitchen is to replace its sink. Often, people resort to this measure and replace their old stainless steel sink, which, as a consequence of prolonged use has developed scratches, with a new stainless steel sink. No doubt, such replacements of an old item with a similar new item give a new look for sometime but that can hardly be termed as upgrading.

Start thinking beyond the ordinary for your kitchen sink. There are many items and points in the kitchen that tend to become its focal point, and the conversation with your guests revolves around those. Take them one by one and try making each one stand out on its merits and let it reflect your style and creative abilities.

copper kitchen sink

You get copper kitchen sinks in different finishes and styles. You may have it in a smooth finish or a hammer tone finish in farmhouse style or the under mount design. As a majority of people wouldn’t have seen a copper sink earlier, they are sure to be impressed by its novel beautiful looks, and that enables you to earn the appreciation of your guests. There’s none denying the supreme wow factor linked to the sight of a copper kitchen sink.

There are a few good practical reasons to favor use of kitchen sinks that are made from copper. The most important concerns the health of your family. Copper is an inherently clean metal that has better antibacterial qualities not offered by other materials used for making kitchen sinks. Bacteria are able to survive on stainless steel for long but it can’t live long on copper surface.

New copper kitchen sinks are shiny but as the metal ages it acquires a bit of dull finish that most of the users find more fascinating than the looks of new metal. Nevertheless, it is very much possible to maintain for long the original brightness of a copper sink by using copper cleaning products or by going in for sinks that have been provided with copper finish. It’s your choice. If you like the looks of ageing copper as it gradually loses it’s shine and enthralls you, continue with that and let it look grand after a couple of years, else go for the other options already mentioned.

Quality of the kitchen sink can’t be ignored. Though most of the sinks that you buy in the U.S. or Mexico are fine, but many of the copper sinks with doubtful quality are being imported. Some of these are not made from 100% copper. It should be mentioned here that unless copper is cent percent pure, it is most likely to develop faults like rusting of the metal or discoloration of the welds.

Now, such flaws really spoil the looks of your kitchen sink. Another feature of the inferior quality of material used for making of sinks is the thickness of copper plate. If the thickness of plate is insufficient, the sink gets more prone to developing cracks and dents. Another problem realized with thinner quality of copper sinks is that they produce a different kind of a sound when water gushes thru these. It’s not a very pleasant experience.

So, now that you know qualities of a good copper kitchen sink and the characteristics of inferior metal used for making some of these sinks, wouldn’t it be worth spending a few extra dollars and buy only the variety made in the USA. Let your kitchen sink be the focus of attention for your guests and let them compliment your selection and style of a copper kitchen sink.

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Exterior Paint Ideas – Think This Through

It’s not wise to rush your decision of painting the exteriors of your house. That needs a prolonged thinking to make sure that it is done perfectly in one go only. Painting of the entire house is an expensive affair and certainly not a very easy task. Mind you, whatever decision you take, the consequences will last for the next three to five years! Getting ideas on the subject is not so difficult as you might be imagining, as you could make use of the Internet and educate yourself on the subject and get worthwhile ideas that would suit you most.


There are a few points that should be kept in mind while painting the exterior of your house. Old-fashioned neighbors may at times frown if you apply bold and vibrant colors on the exterior. Many a time there are neighborhood associations that won’t allow you to deviate from the specified color schemes. So, play safe and choose from among simple colors like white, cream, gray or beige, lest you earn the unpleasantness or sarcasm of neighbors.

You need to keep the architectural design of the house in mind while drawing plans for exterior painting of house. For instance, it will be inappropriate to paint the exteriors of a historically old house in a modern color scheme. It would not only look funny but also bring down the value of the property. In contrast, painting it in bright and pleasing colors in line with the environment and neighborhood can further enhance the looks of a modern house.


Usually, houses have some minute flaws because of its design or otherwise. Such flaws can be hidden from view by use of correct colors. Well, if you decide to paint the house of your own, it’ll surely work out cheaper, but hiring the services of a professional makes sure that all flaws will hide from view, giving the house a flawless look that may not be possible if you painted the house on your own.

When considering external painting ideas of the house, it pays to choose colors that blend with its natural surroundings. Observe the surroundings. You can visualize how the greenery of your garden blends so well with the misty Blue Mountains in the background, the birds those flutter from one tree to another or the lively colors of flowers growing in your garden. Nature itself provides such beautiful palette and you just need to treat your house as the central point and decide the colors that will look best in your particular environment.

If you are unable to get a specific color or shade you like to have, you can approach expert color mixers who are able to create the exact shade you want to have. However, under such circumstances you will be required to have the needed quantity in one go as it becomes to difficult to get the same shade the next time. Using exterior house paint ideas add to the beauty and value of your property and even passers-by give it admiring looks.

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