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The Top Advice For Choosing Tile Patterns

For adding style and function to your home, tile has always been one of the best options. No matter what space you are planning to upgrade, there are many tile patterns you can use to help you achieve your goals. However you don’t just want to pick haphazardly, so here are some tips to get you started.

Don’t Rush Things

While the idea of choosing a layout can be exciting, one of the most important things you can do is to simply take your time. Fight the urge to make snap decisions which could lead to results you aren’t happy with as time goes on. Instead take your time and see what areas the tile installation patterns you find most appealing will work best.

Not all patterns work in all spaces. What you have your heart set on might not be right for the space you are working with. And of course be sure to have fun, you may even want to think of your research as shopping. Be sure to check out design books and magazines along with websites that feature tile and home projects.

bathroom tile patterns

Simple Often Does The Trick

You don’t need the most complicated layout in the book to be successful, in fact, far from it. Something as basic as the straight lay where tiles are installed in a straight line can be stunning with the right material and color. The brick layout is another simple choice that is one of the most sought after wall tile patterns of all. You will often see this one used on stylish bathroom and kitchen backsplashes.

Complexity Increases Visual Interest

More complex layouts of course can be extremely appealing. They can be used to add interest to walls and floors that most people don’t realize is possible. The herringbone is one best tile floor patterns for this use as it looks similar to the skeleton of a fish when installed. It can also be used on the wall with great results too. There are many other complex ways to go such as the Versailles which is a favorite outdoors.

floor tile backsplash pattern

How’s The Job Getting Done?

If you will be doing the installation yourself it will have an influence on what pattern you can choose since you’ll be limited by your tiling skills. Don’t be intimidated if this is your first attempt, you can gain some valuable experience by doing it on your own. You will want to start with basic layouts like the straight lay or running bond though as a beginner.

You’ll usually only need a couple of inexpensive cutting tools to help you such as a snap cutter and tile nipper for the majority of simple installations. Of course hiring a professional will allow you to install much more difficult layouts. With their expertise they’ll also be able to give you sound advice on the top materials, sizes, shapes, and more.

With so many tile patterns to pick from you’ll want to take these tips into consideration. They will help to make the process of choosing exponentially easier so you can be sure to get end results you’re proud of.


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