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Winter Is Coming – Set Your Home for It

The arrival of every new season should be hailed by making all the necessary preparations to set your home into the ready mode for every new forthcoming season. Since now we are waiting for winter (in the northern hemisphere), every home owner should do a couple of easy repairs to get ready for this season. Most of these actions are inexpensive and can be done with a use of duct tape and maybe a few more items.

Let it flow down the house

gutter_cleaning_mnSince fall usually leaves the gutter full of various pieces of wood, brick, concrete, mud etc, cleaning the gutters before the arrival of winter, snow and cold weather is something that will have many positive effects. First of all, when the snow starts melting down, it will just flow down the gutters, into the ground. Lack of space for flowing away can cause the water originating from snow find its own way, which can lead to leakage in the ceiling or damage on the wooden under-roof items. Secondly, clogged gutters before snow mean that in case of very low temperatures and excessive amounts of snow and strong winds, your gutter will become a potentially dangerous thing. With such a large mass stuck inside it, it can be taken down by a storm and crash onto something else in its surroundings. If you discover that your gutters are in need of repair, contact a reputable contractor like Allstate Roofing.

Shut off the water in the basement

Most of us have a water supply system in the basement, as well. However, as winter comes, basements become incredibly cold, which then affects the pipes in this part of home. Nobody wants a pipe burst when the temperature falls below zero degrees (Celsius; 32 F), so make sure that all the basement-only pipes are shut off. Apart from the basement set of water pipes, close all the outside water inlets, as well. Not only that pipes bursting in the middle of winter are hard to repair, since it is cold outside and you need to be skillful at plumbing and possess all the necessary tools, but they are also a financial pain in the neck. If you cannot do it yourself, you have to call a plumber and the whole thing becomes a real nuisance. To prevent all that, just shut the water off.

Heating system to be tested

No matter whether you live in a house or in an apartment building, you have to test your radiators or stoves already in September or at the beginning of October. For those getting heating from a town central heating system, it is vital that everything is checked before the authorities start with their checks. If you have slightest doubt that there is something wrong with the valves or radiators, call the professionals from your central heating service to test your heating devices.

If you use wood to make your home warm in winter, always call a chimney sweeper somewhere in the middle of fall to clean the chimney and make your wood-using heating system safe and sound.

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